The Prodigal Son and His Father

The Prodigal Son and His Father

The father in this parable displayed all of his character when his younger son asked for his share of his inheritance before it is due. Reminds me of the scripture “Ask and you shall receive.” He never tried to stop his son from taking off. If he acted in a controlling way by telling his “You are not going anywhere.” That would be a bit like an arranged marriage where one is forced to marry someone they may not necessarily like.

So the younger son sold up his share of the property and went to a faraway land where he squandered his money in wild living. He ended up working among the swine and it was while her was there that he came to his senses. We sometimes have to hit rock bottom in order for us to come to our senses.

So the younger son set off for home and when he was still a long way off the father recognized him, and ran towards him, kissed him on the cheek and said to one of his servants, quick put some sandals on his feet, a silver ring on his finger, put the best robe on him, and kill the best calf for we have cause to celebrate, for my son was dead and now he is alive, he was lost and now he has been found.

Notice how the father never rebuked his son. He showed unconditional love toward his son and did not judge him on his past indiscretions. He also provided what was best for his son. “The best calf and the best robe. What father does not want what is best for his children?

So the feast was underway when the older son came in from the fields and called out to one of the servant’s “what does all this music and dancing mean?” The older brother after hearing about the reason for the celebration became very angry because he had been working all of his life and he never received such a lavish party as this.

The father responded, “We had to celebrate son for your brother was lost and now he is found, he was dead and now he is alive.” That tells you about the character of the father. Neither sons had his character. They both sinned in their own way but the father was prepared to forgive and forget so does that not tell you about his character? I think if God judged you in the same way as you judge others would you be comfortable with that?

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